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<span data-mce-type=”bookmark” style=”display: inline-block; width: 0px; overflow: hidden; line-height: 0;” class=”mce_SELRES_start”></span> Welcome to our page! We are a professional baby photography studio “Babypink”, located in Markham Village. We specialize in baby, children, and family photography. We are grateful to have meet so many wonderful families and had the honour to photograph over 2000 babies. We are… Read More

Joanna | Baby Photography in Toronto

Joanna is now starting school! She and her teddy bear both look so cute in their uniforms. She also had the chance to take a quick cute halloween photo. She is too cute! We can’t wait to see her again.  Joanna is now starting school! She and her teddy bear both look so cute in… Read More

Ada | Baby Photography in Toronto

What a lovely family! Ada and her family came for a photoshoot. They were all smiles and had a great time. Baby Ada laughed and smiled brightly. Daddy’s tickles makes Ada laugh the most. 

Iris | Baby Photography in Toronto

Baby Iris has so much love from her parents and grandparents. She smiled brightly in her photos, and played well the the fruits. Iris had cute expressions in her photos. She had a fun time in the studio. We hope to see her again soon. 

Hongyi | Baby Photography in Toronto

Baby Hongyi came today for the first time and he was great. He needed some time to get his sleep and he was ready to go! He made cute expressions that mommy loved. We hope to see him again when he is older! 

Ace | Baby Photography in Toronto

We were excited to see Ace back again! His photoshoot turned out amazing, he was full of smiles and always having fun. His big brother August was a great helper in making him smile. We can’t wait to see these fun brothers again soon.

Alyssa | Baby Photography in Toronto

Alyssa loves to dress up and feel like a princess in a fairytale. She is so beautiful with her bright eyes and big smile. Making cute poses just comes natural to her. Her beauty shined through, and was our princess for the day. We can’t wait to see how much more cute she will grow… Read More

Maxmilian & Lilian | Baby Photography in Toronto

Little Maximilian has grown so much since the last time he was here. This time he brought little Lilian too. Max was full of smiles. He especially loved playing with the car. Baby Lilian is so adorable. She makes mommy and everyone smile. We are so happy to see them again.

Emilia | Baby Photography in Toronto

Baby Emilia is mommy and daddy’s little princess. She has beautiful eyes, and bright smiles. Mommy loved all the cute expressions that she made. Emilia wore a beautiful pink dress and pearly white shoes. She really looked like a princess. We hope to see her again soon!