Your baby’s angelic smile, rosy cheeks and beautiful eyes. We capture those precious moments.

Welcome to our page! We are a professional baby photography studio “Babypink”, located in Markham Village. We specialize in baby, children, and family photography. We are grateful to have meet so many wonderful families and had the honour to photograph over 2000 babies.

We are a young couple, both majored in photography while at university. We started the business “Babypink Studio” in February 2011, and we now have grown to be one of the most famous photography studio in Great Toronto Area. As individuals we bring something special to the table but when together, we make the perfect team! 

Jin, myself is the manager of Babypink. I lead the photoshoots, help clients choose backgrounds, baby’s clothes & accessories, and most importantly make the baby smile. My job is to become the baby whisper for newborns, talker for infant babies, and funny auntie for toddlers. If the baby is shy or fussy in the beginning once meeting me, they will be playful and happy.

My incredible partner, Jewon is the main photographer of Babypink. He creates the magic in the photos, he has an eye for detail and ensures that your baby is the star of the photo. He has done automobile photography in Korea, and worked for the catalogues of Hyundai and Kia motors. He has the ability to capture the babies’ precious moment so quickly. Parents are always surprised when they see the amazing result. He only uses professional lights that are safe for baby’s eyes and alway focus on the baby’s mood.

Our clean design, high quality album, professional prints, and retouching skills are incredible. People love our incomparable style and our children friendly, warm and cozy studio. We have a special thought on what a family photoshoot should be. A photoshoot is family’s joyful event. Just like when we go on a picnic, it is not only to take pictures, but also to enjoy the weather, the food, the people and to create memories. Like this, we want our clients not to just expect photos on the paper or DVD, but to truly enjoy the entire process of the photoshoot. We hope to create a memorable experience for our client’s photoshoot just like a picnic.

When it comes to our fine art prints, it won’t lose its colour and will stay at a professional quality. We promise beautiful colour, unchanged prints, and a strong album. We want your family and children to see the photos 30 years later and the quality to remain the same. We strongly value quality and won’t lower our standard for price.

We believe that whatever photos mommy and daddy likes, those are the best photos. Parents know their baby’s expressions the best and have different preference on what they like. Some like them smiling, crying, winking, frowning, or yawning. We encourage parents to choose the best photos themselves. This way the photos will be more meaningful, and memorable for them.

Experience Babypink, and create special memories for your family!