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Your baby's angelic smile, rosy cheeks and beautiful eyes.

We capture those precious moments.




- 2500 sq.ft. Big studio space in a heritage building on Markham village. Warm, cosy and safe studio.


- Over 2000 babies and children have been captured.


- 25 stunning backgrounds and various adorable sets which are creatively designed well.


- More than 1000 clothes and accessories.


- 13 Years experienced photographer. 


- 6 Years experienced art director who worked for a number of magazines.


- Only use professional Camera and lights. (1Ds Mark3, 4 Elinchrome pro-lights & 2 continuous lights)


- 100 years preserved compress album with UV coating, which has received the UL mark, world seal of approval.


- 30 various style frame available, Diasec, Premium Lucid, Fine wood with matte finish spray coated.


- Plenty of parking spaces available.


- Nursing rooms, equipped with changing and feeding facilities.


- New backgrounds and clothes have been launched every 3 months