Vincent & Kaylee | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

Vincent and Kylee and back again! It is so nice to see them again. Just like always, they are full of smiles and is so fun. They loved playing with the horsey and also the spray bottle. Their laughter is so continuous. We know we will see them again very soon for another photoshoot. 

Mackenzie | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

Mackenzie  is really daddy little girl. She loves to play airplane with daddy, which makes her the most happiest. Mackenzie is a cool little girl. Just give her some time and she will give you the brightest smile. We hope to see her again soon. 

Hunter | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

We love seeing Hunter!  He really is growing up so fast. It didn’t feel long since the last time we saw him. Hunter has beautiful big eyes. Just like last time all the photos were so cute, it was hard for mommy and daddy to choose. This time around hunter was able to make some… Read More

Elizabeth | Family Photography in Toronto

Today was Elizabeth’s first photoshoot. She had a good nap before, which made it all the better. Elizabeth is mommy and daddy’s sweet little angel. She looked so adorable in her matching outfit. She looked just like a doll.

Evan | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

Evan did an amazing job, he is becoming more handsome each year. All the photos turned out so nice, it was hard for mommy and daddy to choose the best ones. We are happy they loved the picture as much as we did. We look forward to see how big Evan grows next year.