Madeline | Family Photography in Toronto

This family was ready for their photoshoot. Mommy was the model for the night. Her dress fit her perfectly and made her look like a star. Their family photos looked great, and we are happy they loved it. 

Victor | Baby Photography in Toronto

Little baby Victor came into Babypink for the first time and he was a superstar! He may be little but is strong. He is able to sit up and make great poses. Mommy and daddy love seeing his cute. expressions. We hope to see Victor again soon.

Ana & Maya | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

We love seeing this family every year for their photoshoot. Mommy always looks beautiful no matter what occasion. Ana is a natural at taking photos, she definitely knows how to strike a pose. Maya loves to play around and is so adventurous. Daddy is dashing as always. They all look picture perfect in their photo.

Lucas | Baby Photography in Toronto

Summer holidays out, Winter holidays in! One Year old out, Two years old now in! Lucas was so shy, but his baby face cannot have you deny his request for attention! The colours red and white totally are his colours, matching the Christmas spirit. Are you waiting for your letter from Santa Lucas? Because so… Read More

Kaylie | Baby Photography in Toronto

Kaylie gives the most angelic face to the camera with her beautiful big eyes. The love within mother and daughter is so precious, Kaylie cannot leave her mom within 10 seconds! She loves cuddles and cradles, and naps too! But the pictures, and process of this photoshoot is sure memorable!

Joy | Baby Photography in Toronto

The Joy that comes, when you just look at her! Joy is such a collaborative partner! Her smile sends love and happiness to those around her. She has big chubby cheeks which complements her eyes that shine like stars. Joy is such a wonderful baby! After all, she always is joyfully happy!

Serena & Carson | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

Siblings are a mixed blessing to each other, but Carson and Serena are also a team that works together to make each other smile! The handsome Carson and lovely Serena, they posed so naturally, they make it look so easy.  Sharing is caring, and shall happiness sparkle within the loving family !