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Hana | Baby Photography in Toronto

Its so nice to finally meet baby  Hana. It seemed not too long ago when she was still in mommy’s belly. We are so happy to see her. She has big bright eyes that light up the whole room. When Hana smiles so does daddy. Mommy and daddy loves their little angel so much. We… Read More

Mr.Bunny | Babypink photography in Toronto

Waiting patiently for you, Mr.Bunny is sitting in the room filled with flowers and love.  As the sun-rays shines and shimmers down, the days for everyone to capture lovely moments are waiting at Babypink Studio! No photoshoots today, but happiness and smiles are everyday. Mr.Bunny will always be waiting for future models and photoshoots, watching… Read More

Mavis | Baby Photography in Toronto

Lovely Mavis came today and she had much fun here. Wearing a beautiful lace dress and standing in our pink room made Mavis look just like a princess. She did a good job during the photoshoot. We are happy to have her in the studio and hope to see her again soon.

Lily| Baby Photography in Markham

  Lily and her family came back for their album photoshoot. She looked so cute in all her costume and outfits. She loved listening to One Direction, which made her smile and dance. All the photos turned out so wonderful, and we are excited for them to receive their album!

Felix | Baby Photography in Markham

Felix was a wonderful baby model today in the studio. He was full of smiles and made the shoot very fun. He fit well with the teddy bear background, all so cute. We would love to see him and his family very soon.

Candace | Children Photographer in Toronto

The studio was full of laughters after Candace came in. She was a sunny little angle that made everyone happy. The white bubble skirt and tiara brought out her pretty face. She was truly a princess in the photograph. The family shooting under Christmas setting went smooth as well.