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Liam | Baby Photography in Toronto

Little Liam came back today to have some fun. He had such a wonderful energy. He was curious about everything and he liked playing with aunt Jin. The photos turned out looking lovely and everyone had an enjoyable time.

Cameron | Baby Photography in Toronto

What a fun shoot! Cameron did a wonderful job today. He loved to laugh and was so adorable. His big round eyes and chubby cheeks stood out in the ballon background which made him look extremely cute. Hope to see grow into a handsome gentleman soon.

Darren | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

We are so happy to have our handsome Darren come back today to take more adorable pictures. He was such a smily angel who did an amazing job during the photoshoot. Darren loved playing with the toys and pops and he was busing exploring our studio. Hope he come back soon with his sweet family… Read More

Blair | Children Photography in Toronto

Cute little Blair came in today for her own photoshoot this time. She loved the bubbles and had a huge smile when playing with them. All the photos looked so cute with her smile, which made mommy have a hard time to pick.  We are happy to have them come back again soon, for their… Read More

Terrence | Baby Photography in Toronto

Terrence is very bubbly and loves to play around! He especially loved playing catch and throwing the ball. Also loves to dance along to songs. It can sometimes be hard to make him smile but when he does it is all worth it because his smile brights up the whole room. He is just too… Read More

Alyssa | Children Photography in Toronto

Lovely Alyssa came back today and she had much fun here. Wearing a beautiful lace dress and standing in our pink room made Alyssa look just like a princess. She did a good job during the photoshoot. We are happy to have her in the studio and hope to see her again soon.

Ethan | Baby Photography in Toronto

We are excited to have Ethen here today for his first photoshoot. He did a great job in front of the camera, his big round eyes and chubby cheeks made him looked just like an angel. His adorable smile made everyone smiled along.

Rachel | Kids Photography in Toronto

Rachel is such a beautiful girl. She has a wonderful energy and is full of smiles. She has very pretty eyes that can light up the whole room. She looked like a princess in her photos. We would love to have her back again and have more fun with her.

Joanna | Kids Photography in Toronto

What a beautiful little princess! We are so happy to have Joanna in the studio today. She had so much fun playing with pops and toys during the photoshoot. The smile on her face was precious. Hope to see her grow into a wonderful lady just like her mom.

Thaddeus | Kids Photography in Toronto

Little Thaddeus came in today, and was a superstar! He was so cute and was full of smiles for the camera. He loved the bubbles and all the toys. He is such a big boy now, it so nice to see him grow. Hope to see him again next year.