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Katherine | Family Photography in Markham

What a smiley family. The photoshoot went super smooth, and was super fun. The two kids laughed coming in, during, and when they were leaving. They were excellent. All the smiles were so natural. What a joy to have them coming back.

Brandon | Children Photography in Markham

Brandon came back for another photoshoot, this time with his new baby sister! Brandon was full of energy and was so much to fun to be around. The siblings were so cute and did amazing for their photoshoot. It is so nice to see Brandon’s growth. We look forward seeing this winter for their family… Read More

Lily | Baby Photography in Markham

What a beautiful baby girl! Her big round eyes just bright up the whole room. We know that she will grow up to be just as beautiful as her mommy. Lily did an amazing job and her cute expressions made everyone smile. Hoping to see Lily again soon with her beautiful family. 

Ian | Children Photography in Markham

Handsome Ian was very good at photo shooting and did an impressive job today in the studio. His angelic smile was contagious and lighted up the whole room. All pictures came out great. Such an adorable baby! Hope to see him growing into a wonderful man.

Lily| Baby Photography in Markham

  Lily and her family came back for their album photoshoot. She looked so cute in all her costume and outfits. She loved listening to One Direction, which made her smile and dance. All the photos turned out so wonderful, and we are excited for them to receive their album!

Christian | Baby Photography in Toronto

We are excited to see little Christian in the studio today. He came here to take his first new-born portraits. The photoshoot went pretty well. Christian’s rosy cheek and tiny hands were cute as cotton candy. Different hats and blankets with various colours  over him made him even more adorable. The pictures all came out… Read More