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Margaret | Baby & Family Photography in Toronto

Sweet little Margaret came in today for her first photoshoot. She was so cute like a doll. Her family is full of love and can see it in their photos. We know we will see lovely Margaret  again soon and we are looking forward to seeing her cute smile.

Liam | Baby photographer in Toronto

Little Liam came today for his first photoshoot. His family is no stranger to Babypink, and we are so excited to finally meet him. Although he was tired, he did an amazing job. The photos turned out so cute with Liam’s different expressions. We hope to see Liam and his family again soon!


This was Auston’s first time at Babypink, and he did an amazing job! He is a strong little boy, already doing poses for 3month old. He is such a handsome little boy with bright bright eyes, growing up to look like his Daddy. We hope to see Auston again soon.

Evelyn| Baby photographer in Toronto

Evelyn is too adorable. She woke up just in time and was in a good mood. She had the best expression during the photoshoot. She made the process fun for her parents and us. The photos turned out amazing, so cute! We hope to see her again soon!

Noelle | Baby Photography in Toronto

Noelle is such a sweetheart. She is so adorable when she smiles. Her laugh makes everyone in the room smile because it is just too cute! The photos all turned out amazing, and was hard to choose. We hope to see Noelle and her family again soon!

Mavis | Baby Photography in Toronto

Lovely Mavis came today and she had much fun here. Wearing a beautiful lace dress and standing in our pink room made Mavis look just like a princess. She did a good job during the photoshoot. We are happy to have her in the studio and hope to see her again soon.

Adriana | Baby Photography in Toronto

What a beautiful baby girl! We were happy to have Adriana came to the studio to have her new-born photoshoot today. Her big round eyes just bright up the whole room. She did amazing in front of the camera, it was hard to believe that she was only one-month old. Precious expressions were captured and… Read More

Wilson | Baby Photography in Toronto

Our little gentleman Wilson came back today for his cool shoots. He was such a cute baby who liked smiling a lot to the camera. He was so patient that the four-background photoshoot went very well. We were happy to have him in the studio today. He brought us a lot of joy and laughter!